January 2014

Company name 8

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Testimonial #5

Jack Of All IT has amazed me on so many occasions with the depth of their IT knowledge but maybe the best Example would be when my 375 page Doctor Energy Smart Spray Foam Insulation website got hacked and every single related term or word was a link to someone else's commercial site which they fixed in ten minutes. It seems that their knowledge is quite expansive because recently they set up my property security cameras with such accuracy of specific needs I and most people would have overlooked.

Testimonial #4

Jack Of All IT delivers an excellent experience on any project given. Their dedication and passion is truly one of a kind. When handling large projects, they quickly assess the necessary steps toward a course of action. They are well organized, well-spoken and manage time efficiently and effectively. I highly recommend Jack Of All IT for any projects including IT training.

Testimonial #3

Jack Of All IT provides first class project management strategies, insuring any clients needs are met. While ensuring a secure, scalable system. Their dedication to IT is reflected in their multiple successful builds. Their vast understanding of networking, system administration, and project management will surpass your companies expectations and keep your data and resources secure, fast, and reliable.

Testimonial #2

I have had the great privilege of working with Jack Of All IT. Colin of Jack Of All IT is one of the best people I have ever worked with. He is an insightful and independent professional who can take on even the most challenging projects. He is a self-motivated, intelligent and organized strategist, who has no problem working hard when necessary. He is able to play any role you need on any IT project.

Testimonial #1

I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Jack Of All IT for IT Consultant. The attributes above of superlative work, expert and detailed knowledge, and trustworthy, consistant and reliable work are descriptive of Jack Of All IT, but I would certainly add inventive. They are excellent at figuring out problems using logic and experience. Jack Of All IT consultant's explain what they are doing and why, so that it is easy to understand - even for those uncomfortable with technology.